NITS Office Automation(NOA)
Purchase Sale Order
» PO Draft/PO
» Purchase by dept/ purchaser
» Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
» PO Preparation
» Replenishment Request/Commission
» Goods Receive Note/IQC
» Supplier Invoice
» Quotation/Sample Order
» Sales Contract/Invoice
» Packing List/Delivery Note
» Delivery/Installation Booking
» Multi: Department, ETD, Delivery Address
» Multi: Currency, Discount, Other Charges
» Multi dimensional pricing
» Cost Sheet
» Accounting Receivable/Account Payable/General Ledger
» Deposit Handing
» User definable unlimited Chart of Account
» Support multi-Company/Department and Consolidation
» Multi-dimensional Profit Centre (company/dept./shop/ salesman/customer/product/category…)
» Project costing, yearly/monthly fee management
» Budgeting
» Bank Reconciliation
» Currency Revaluation
» Fixed Assets Management
» Lot No./Batch No./Bin No./Serial No./Expiry Date/Production Date
» Five level warehouse: WH=>Level=>Area=>Rack=>Bin
» Real time inventory info inquiry/Stock movement info.
» 13 Adjustment Modes(Bad Stock Register, Write-off, Reuse,
Lost, Temporary use, Internal Transfer, Repair, etc.)
» 3 level stock tracing (Real Time/Month-End/As At Date)
» Barcode Stock Take
ProductsCustomers / Suppliers
» Average/FIFO/Actual Costing
» Multi: Size, Color, Barcode, Unit, Image
» LOT No./Serial No./Bin No.
» Unlimited level BOM (Bill of Materials)
» Multi-Dimensional Matrix BOM (Garment)
» Master/Configurable BOM
» ECN (Engineer Change Note)
» CRM: member management, bonus point
» Multi-contacts/Multi-shipping addresses
» Customer credit limit/supplier purchase outstanding
» Real-time inquiry on customer/supplier transaction history
» Default other charges: VAT, GST, etc.
Point of Sale System (POS)
  • Product Management

  • Promotion Management

  • Sales Analysis Reporting

  • Multi Payment support with Multi User

  • System Maintenance Service and support

Accounting System
  • Account Payable and Receivable Controls

  • Costing Management

  • Financial Analysis Reporting

  • Database Management

  • System Maintenance Service and support

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
  • Business process consulting

  • Complete Business process in one solution

  • Business Intelligences Reporting

  • Integrate to other related systems for Business Expansion

  • System Maintenance Service and support

BarCode System
  • Automatic Inventory control management system

  • Real-time control for all of Inventory movements and process

  • Easy to setup with Warehouse Management and Logistic Management system

Security System(RF.ID)
  • RFID Distribution and Warehouse Solutions

  • RFID Retail Solutions

  • RFID Manufacturing Solutions

  • RFID Asset Management Solutions

  • RFID Government Solutions

Surveilance System
  • CCTV systems

  • Access Management systems

  • Project Installation, Service and Maintenances