The Features

Interactive Interface Design

» 300+plug and play features combinations to form a tailor-made effect
» All visible components positions and properties can be modified
» Support max. 5 languages per user (Chinese Unicode, English and 2 user-define languages)
» All reports provide range selections, report modification is available for advance users

Ultra THIN Client Technology

» Client side only display changes of object, speed is 5-10 times over the existing technology
» Bandwidth consumption is the least, about 8K only, which is 1/4 of the existing technology
» Easy installation, high security which deploys the SSL 128 bit encryption

All Direction Field Level Security

» Detail functional authority , browser group authority, interface authority and report authority
» All properties of the visual components like positions, read only, compulsory ... can be set to each user group
» Auto-backup contract, invoice, PO, GRN ... before edit and delete
» All activities with EASTOP can be traced and print out as reference

Exceptional Information Management

» Auto-report job progress to manager and send internal message within EASTOP
» Extract and display all pending records for manger to view and approve (Auto approve is supported)
» Pre-define event alert that when specified situation happens, related persons will be alerted
» Schedule and execute robotic task such as printing report and sending catalogue to clients

Related Information Anytime

» All related data can be retrieved in every module through user-definable browsers
» Static info (product detail), dynamic info (stock movement) and historical info can all be retrieved
» Maintain and process external data of clients such as email through folder management function

Guaranteed Minimum Input

» Once data is input, it can be retrieved by any module within the system
» Save the time wasted in repeat inputting data and update the outstanding status of related modules
» Avoid data inconsistency

Import & Export Manager

» Import basic data(product, customers ..) from clients into EASTOP for quick start
» Support auto and manual import/update by pre-defined formats
» Support exportation from browser to Access, Excel , CSV... formats
» Support exportation from report to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML.... formats

NITS X EDI Data Exchange

» Export to various file format in accordance to different EDI standard: Rosettanet, DTTN ...etc
» Scheduled and manual importation or exportation according to preset standard
» Support multi transfer protocol such as HTTP, FTP, EMAIL...
» Flexible design for easy modification and update

Function-On-Demand Tools

» No need to modify execute file (.exe) or refer to external executable file (.exe, .dll ...)
» New functions or modifications can be made on demand of clients
» Modifications are stored in database of clients
» Notwithstanding any customization, the clients are still eligible for standard upgrades

Dual Reports Engines

» Support two report engine : Crystal Report and Fast Report
» User can choose suitable report engine according to report requirements for best performance
» User can choose suitable report engine according to the techniques and knowledge of writer .

The Services
Professional IT Consultation
  • Business Intelligence

  • Brand–Product Interactive Management

  • Project Management

  • Process Management

  • Staff Augmentation

Tailor-made IT Business System Development
  • Database Management

  • Application Management

  • Software Development

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Customer Relationship Management

Phone Application Development
  • Mobile marketing plans and strategic consulting services

  • Mobile-optimized versions of websites, creating either "mobile first" or responsive design interfaces

  • Mobile web applications which provide powerful capabilities to hand-held devices through a browser

  • Native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices

Website Development
  • Personal Websites

  • Photo Sharing Websites

  • Writers / Authors Websites

  • Community Building Websites

  • Micro-blogging Environments

  • Blogs

  • Informational Websites

  • Online Business Brochure/Catalog

  • E-commerce Websites

Social Media Application Development
  • Profile-based Social Network

  • Content-based Social Network

  • White-label Social Network

  • Multi-User Virtual Environments

  • Micro-blogging Environments

Online Marketing/ Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

IT System Integration
  • System Requirements

  • Design and development

  • Deployment

  • Delivery and Release

  • Training & support

IT Maintenance and Support
  • Hardware Maintenance

  • Software Maintenance

  • Network Maintenance

  • Security Maintenance