Company Profile

Merging with Hong Kong IT Solutions Company Limited, National IT Solutions Company Limited (NITS) was founded in Myanmar to give world-class IT service in the fast growing Myanmar market which the western economic super power thought to be the last frontier on bonanza. The company aims to bring vast IT Knowledge and experience to Myanmar with over four years of IT expertise throughout the IT Industry in the world with our sincerity and hard-working, we have formed several partnership with IT companies across the world to strengthen our commitments to our clients.

With firm determination to become one of the best IT service providers in Hong Kong IT Solutions Limited (HKITS) was established in 2008. Located in the heart of central business district in Hong Kong, HKITS has positioned itself to stay very close with the fast paced business in Hong Kong.

In 2012, Myanmar has begun to open up its market with promising bright future. According to the suggestion made by Eric Yang, Marketing and Business Development Manager who grow up in Myanmar and Albert Lim, 12 years of IT experienced project manager in a big government organization in Hong Kong with careful research and planning, National IT Solutions Co.,Ltd was founded in January, 2013.

Our Missions

Our Mission is to enhance the efficiency of IT business by providing one-stop service to our ambitious customers. We are ready to provide IT service of Office Management System, Factory Management and control system, human resources system and website development system. Furthermore, we are also ready to help you in setting up networking, server set-up, Hardware and Software administration, etc. with one-stop service solution.

Successful Stories In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Science and Technology Services (Hong Kong) Limited (HKITS) is an IT services company that specializes in providing SMEs with various professional IT services. HKITS provides customers with tailor-made application system, online application system, online sales system and network security and so on. HKITS customers from many different industries, we have the latest information technology knowledge and ways to save money, to makethe client's industry better. Creativity, quality, safety and cost savings for the HKITS fundamental, HKITS convinced that "as long as there is demand, there will be a way." HKITS partners have many years of management experience in the information technology and in novative computer products,in the shortest possible time in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives. With high quality and high efficiency to provide services to our customers.

Industrial Remarks